Helping Hands in Action

Enbridge’s workforce is committed to enriching the quality of life in communities where we live. One way we do this is through the company’s Helping Hands in Action program.

Hands-on projects are organized and operated by our employees and retirees, in partnership with charitable and non-profit organizations.

Through Helping Hands in Action, our employees, retirees and their families and friends contribute their “sweat equity” to projects that improve, renovate or add tangible value to non-profit and charitable organizations in their communities.

Additionally, Enbridge supports these employee-led projects with community improvement grants of up to $1,000 each to purchase supplies and materials for the completion of the projects. Employees and retirees demonstrate their giving spirit and commitment by donning gardening gloves and safety gear and getting out their hammers, paint brushes and cooking utensils.

In 2017, our Helping Hands in Action program awarded nearly US$268,000 (C$335,000) in grants, and US$656,800 (C$821,000) in matching gifts, and completed 356 employee-led projects focused on improving quality of life in communities.