Enbridge's CSR policies

Enbridge’s commitment and approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is summarized in our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

Two other policies provide direction for specific activities that are part of corporate social responsibility.

  • Enbridge believes the world must find new ways to meet increasing demand for energy from a growing global population while limiting the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change. As a leader in energy infrastructure systems that deliver oil, natural gas and renewable energy, we are uniquely positioned to help bridge the transition to a low carbon economy. Our Enbridge Climate Policy guides our efforts to play a leadership role in the transition to a lower carbon future, and identifies the actions we are taking to manage climate risks and respond to climate opportunities.
  • Enbridge’s Indigenous Peoples Policy guides the nature and scope of our relationships with Indigenous peoples wherever we interact with them. The policy helps to set consistent practices and provides guidance for project teams and business units.