Corporate Social Responsibility: Environmental commitments

Enbridge takes pride in safely and reliably delivering energy to people. This service has immeasurably improved the lives of North Americans for 65 years, and has enabled a quality of life that none of us could have attained without it.

We also recognize that our relationship with hydrocarbons comes with great responsibility. It's a responsibility that Enbridge takes seriously. It involves ongoing consultation, collaboration, research, and initiative. And with society now looking to a greater use of green energy over the long term, we feel it's incumbent upon us to lead the way in supporting those renewable energy sources.

Since our initial investment in a wind farm in 2002, we've invested approximately $5 billion in wind, solar, geothermal, power transmission, waste heat recovery, and a host of other emerging technology projects. Together, these projects – either operating, planned or under construction – have the capacity to generate more than 2,700 megawatts (MW) gross of zero-emission energy (nearly 2,000 MW net). Today, Enbridge is one of the largest renewable energy companies in Canada, and our portfolio of renewable energy projects is diversified and growing.

To date, we’ve invested in:

  • 16 wind farms (more than 2,500 MW gross capacity, either in operation, planned or under construction);
  • Four solar energy operations (150 MW gross capacity);
  • Five waste heat recovery facilities (34 MW gross capacity);
  • geothermal project (23 MW capacity).