Corporate Social Responsibility: Social commitments

Enbridge believes that success is rooted in treating people well. We continue to look for new ways to enhance the lives of our employees and stakeholders, and invest in initiatives that help us do so.

These initiatives range from programs geared toward ensuring that Enbridge's operations are as safe as possible to programs designed to engage, inspire, attract and retain employees. These initiatives also extend to Enbridge's policies on human rights to our policies on how we conduct business — policies that underpin Enbridge's commitments to building trust, delivering mutual advantage and demonstrating respect for human dignity and rights in all relationships.

Enbridge's commitments are reflected in:

  • our community relations, Indigenous relations, and community investment work
  • the partnerships we’ve established with stakeholders in the communities in which we live and work to help build sustainable communities
  • the compliance audits and inspections we regularly conduct on all of our liquids and gas pipelines in all of our operating areas, ensuring that our pipelines are safe

We know we have to continually evolve our performance in the social arena as our stakeholders’ expectations change. As we grow our programs and initiatives in this area, we work closely with our stakeholders and community leaders to ensure we’re on the right track.