Safety First


We are committed to putting safety first and being transparent—when it comes to our operations as a company, and our actions as a neighbor.

Every day, we are reminded of our responsibility and the importance of our task . . . because every day, we move 2.8 million barrels of oil and 18 billion cubic feet of natural gas across North America. Additionally, by 2019, we will be generating more than 3,500 gross MW of renewable energy from wind, solar and geothermal facilities—enough to meet the electricity needs of more than 1.6 million homes.

Our annual Safety Report to the Community

Every year, we produce the Enbridge Safety Report to the Community, provides our neighbors with an overview of our annual safety and reliability performance—not only in the areas where our safety performance was strong, but also those areas where it was not strong enough.

The Enbridge Safety Report to the Community also offers a closer look at what we do to prevent incidents and keep people, communities and the environment safe.

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Our annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report

As a company that transports, distributes and generates energy, Enbridge is both at the center of providing North Americans with the energy they need—and at the center of social, environmental and economic issues associated with that energy.

Enbridge's 2016 CSR & Sustainability Report focuses on the sustainability-related topics that are most relevant to our neighbors—including community economic benefits, supply chain management, water protection, climate change, community investment, emergency preparedness, and Aboriginal and Native American rights and engagement.

In the spirit of transparency, Enbridge's CSR Report reflects the progress we made in 2016 in some areas, while also showing that we still have work to do in others.


Our performance at a glance

In 2016, we safely delivered more than 3.5 billion barrels of crude oil and natural gas liquids—connecting suppliers and refiners via our growing North American pipeline network. We play a small but essential role in collecting people to the energy they need for their quality of life, and we do it safely, reliably and responsibly.


Eight reportable spills in 2016

We had a total of eight reportable spills on our liquids systems in 2016, totaling 657 barrels. Of those 657 barrels, all but 23 barrels were spilled on Enbridge property, fully contained within our facilities, and cleaned up with little or no environmental impact.

Our 2016 crude oil pipeline statistics

3,500,000,000+ Barrels of crude oil and NGLs safely delivered
657 Total barrels spilled in 2016 (0.00000018%)
634 Barrels spilled within our facilities
23 Total barrels spilled outside of Enbridge’s property

A growing trend of safer delivery

Our total reportable spills (8) and volume of crude oil released (657 barrels) in 2016 compare to 14 spills, and 480 barrels spilled, in 2015.

Statistics for the past four years demonstrate that our safety focus is making a difference. But, like you, we believe that even one spill is too many, and we apply what we learn from every incident to become even safer.

Our spill performance, 2014 through 2016

Reportable spills

Learning from past incidents

Across our systems we focus on the conditions that caused incidents in the past, while learning from them to minimize the risk and prevent similar incidents in the future.

Our Foundational Safety Stories

The Foundational Safety Stories recount four serious incidents from our past that we pause to remember and reflect on each year on their anniversaries:

Bloor Street (Toronto, ON): April 24, 2003
Milepost 912 (Clearbrook, MN): November 28, 2007
Bryans Mill (Bryans Mill, TX): January 9, 2010
Marshall (Marshall, MI): July 25, 2010

When we remember the incidents captured in the Foundational Safety Stories we recall their lessons and remind ourselves of the profound impact they had on individuals, communities and the environment.

Through our Foundational Safety Stories, we create an emotional connection to safety and a shared and common understanding of why safety is absolutely critical to the work we do.

The Enbridge Ring

Following the most significant environmental incident in Enbridge’s history—the Line 6B spill near Marshall, Michigan in July 2010—we created a lasting symbol and reminder of the importance of safety for our employees.

Made with steel from Line 6B in Michigan, the ring is presented to every permanent employee when they join Enbridge. The ring is a humble reminder of every incident in our long history, inspiring us to be safe today and even safer tomorrow.

The Enbridge Ring underscores our common duty, every day, to maintain trust and protect the safety of all those who count on Enbridge.

Enbridge Ring

Our company values

We adhere to a set of core values that help define what Enbridge stands for as we deliver the energy that powers people’s lives.

Members of Enbridge’s workforce demonstrate integrity, safety and respect in support of our communities, the environment and each other.


Responding to a spill

On the afternoon of July 27, 2012, pipeline operators in the Enbridge control center detected a sudden drop in pressure on Line 14 near Grand Marsh, Wisconsin.