Why Invest

"Over the decades, Enbridge has delivered superior shareholder value. Our low risk business model has resulted in strong and consistent growth in the dividend which we are continuing to deliver."

Al Monaco, President and Chief Executive Officer

Highlights of Strategic Plan




Shareholder Value Proposition

Enbridge offers a unique value proposition that brings together a combination of transparent growth, a reliable, low-risk business model andsignificant dividend income. We credit this unique value proposition for delivering excellent returns to shareholders year after year, and we plan to stick with our proven formula.

Our best-in-class value proposition:

  • Transparent growth:
    • $22B of secured projects in execution through 2020.
    • 10% ACFFO per share CAGR through 2020, driven by our base business and projects in execution
  • Reliable, low risk business model:
    • Unparalleled commercial underpinning
    • Minimal commodity price exposure
    • Investment grade customers
  • Significant dividend income:
    • Attractive 5.5% dividend yield
    • 15% dividend per share increase in 2017
    • Expected 10% annual DPS growth from 2018 through 2020
    • Conservative dividend payout ratio of <65% of ACFFO

Transparent Growth

"2017 has been an important transition year for Enbridge. The acquisition of Spectra Energy has significantly diversified our asset base and opportunity set and repositioned Enbridge for the future."

Enbridge’s $22B secured capital program of projects in execution is expected to translate into 10% ACFFO CAGR through 2020 and support DPS growth of 10% from 2018 through 2020.


Reliable Business Model

"Our reliable business model is supported by strong commercial constructs, limited commodity exposure and the strong credit profile of our customers."

Reliable business model

Significant Dividend Income

"Enbridge's transparent growth and reliable business model support our ability to provide our shareholders with significant dividend income while maintaining a prudent level of coverage."

We have a strong history of increasing dividends to shareholders. In November 2017, we announced our 25th consecutive increase to our annual dividend per share. We expect a further 10% annual dividend growth through 2020. While we believe in growing our dividends per share and providing dividend income to our shareholders, we maintain strong dividend per share coverage and a conservative payout ratio of <65% of ACFFO.

Significant dividend income

Letter to Shareholders

Positioning Enbridge for the future.