Line 3 Replacement Program (Canada)

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Indigenous Engagement

At Enbridge, we are committed to early engagement and meaningful dialogue with Indigenous groups along our pipeline rights-of-wayincluding Line 3based on mutual respect and trust.

Our approach to Indigenous relations recognizes and respects the history, uniqueness and diversity of Indigenous groups across Canada.

Enbridge’s Indigenous Peoples Policy governs our interactions with Indigenous people. Enbridge’s policy lays out key principles for Indigenous relations, such as respect for traditional ways and land, heritage sites, the environment, and recognition of unique legal and constitutional rights. The policy is designed to ensure that Indigenous groups near our projects and operations, including the Line 3 right-of-way, receive sustainable benefits.

As part of our engagement strategy, Enbridge aims to create opportunities that are aligned with the aspirations of many of the people within Indigenous communities. Our Indigenous Relations focus areas include:

We strive to improve our own guidelines and programs to forge mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous groups near our projects and facilities.

For more information on Enbridge’s Indigenous engagement efforts, please send an e-mail to We will respond promptly to your request.