Enbridge’s Field Emergency Response Plans


At Enbridge, providing safe and reliable energy infrastructure is the very foundation of our business, and operating our pipelines safely and reliably is our highest priority.

We work diligently to protect our underground pipeline infrastructure, because it means our neighbors and employees are protected as well. Although pipeline leaks are rare, Enbridge is prepared and will work with emergency responders to protect the public and environment in the event of a pipeline emergency.

Enbridge’s Field Emergency Response Plans, previously known as "Emergency Response Action Plans" are available to emergency response organizations in our areas of operation. Field Emergency Response Plans focus on first-response actions, and contain the most relevant information for first responder groups both inside and outside the Enbridge organization. They provide information on how Enbridge will work with emergency responders during the initial stages of a pipeline incident.

The Integrated Contingency Plan (ICP) is Enbridge’s full emergency response plan and program description, which meets the applicable federal regulations in both Canada and the United States.

Although we consult first responders in Canada on the Field Emergency Response Plans, we also encourage communities to review the ICP if they are interested in understanding the full Enbridge emergency response program.

Emergency First Responders should visit emergencyresponderinfo.com for the most relevant and detailed first responder emergency information from Enbridge.

Please use the links below to read or download our Field Emergency Response Plans and Integrated Contingency Plans.

This guide is an Enbridge document illustrating a collection of inland spill response tactics that can be used as a quick reference to select and implement containment and recovery response strategies. Please click below to fill out the registration form to obtain access to our Inland Spill Response Tactics Guide.

Enbridge Response Tactics Guide

Inland Spill Response Tactics Guide