L3RP Canada: Traffic management plan

As the largest project in Enbridge history, the Line 3 Replacement Program will involve plenty of activity.

It’s the sort of activity with the potential to disrupt road traffic in your community—and that’s why we’ve created a traffic management plan to minimize such disruptions.

As pipeline construction takes place near your community between now and 2019, you may have concerns about traffic flow, road condition, dust control, and movement of heavy equipment, among other issues, on highways and major thoroughfares.

We understand those concerns. Enbridge’s traffic accommodation strategies—which must be followed by our employees and contractors—are designed to protect residents and workers during the pipeline construction process.

As part of our L3RP traffic management plan:

  • We monitor and manage our impact on roads, and repair any damage caused when hauling heavy equipment;
  • Our work schedules always yield to local school bus schedules;
  • We transport our pipeline crews to and from construction sites by bus, where possible, to avoid excess traffic;
  • We ensure that employee and contractor trucks parked near our construction sites remain off rural roads;
  • We set speed limits when hauling heavy equipment;
  • We have a “slowdown” policy when passing farm yards;
  • We implement dust control measures on gravel roads that pass by homes;
  • We collaborate closely with all affected Rural Municipalities to secure road use agreements; and
  • We accommodate farm equipment sharing the same roads we do, especially during harvest season.

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L3RP Canada: Connecting with communities
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Enbridge’s traffic management plan is just one way we live our company values of safety, integrity and respect in nearby communities—demonstrating respect for affected landowners and community residents; sharing the road with integrity as guests in your community; and placing safety above all else.

If you see an L3R pipeline construction vehicle being driven in an unsafe manner, or pipeline construction activity that contradicts an aspect of our traffic management plan above, we encourage you to contact Enbridge by:

  • Calling us at 780-888-5113, if you live in the vicinity of Hardisty, Provost or Macklin;
  • Calling us at 587-336-1915, if you live in the vicinity of Rosetown, Outlook, Loreburn or Regina;
  • Calling us, toll-free, at 1-888-967-3899; or
  • E-mailing us at projects@enbridge.com

We will respond promptly to your message.